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how to invest in Adidas shares in Kenya Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks has made considerable strides in the organic movement since our roots were established over a decade ago by chefs Jamie Kennedy and Michael Stadtländer. We have evolved into a non-profit organization that is committed to raising awareness and support for organic agriculture, environmental responsibility and healthy living through our promotion of educational, research and advocacy programs.

Initially, we were recognized largely as a farmer-chef group with connections to the Knives & Forks organic market, however gradually our name has become more strongly associated with, and often overshadowed by, the name of our signature fundraising event, Feast of Fields.

Organic Advocates is currently taking important steps in response to the many changes that are occurring within the organic community. While still intending to serve the interests of our traditional membership of Southern Ontario organic farmers, environmentally concerned chefs and enlightened consumers, we are broadening our focus to a much wider consumer audience, which is quickly becoming more aware of the uncertainties surrounding our food system. Recognizing that consumers are the major driving force of the organic marketplace, we have responded by changing our official name to Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks to better reflect this group.

With our revised name and logo, we envision "Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks" to become a name more widely recognized. We are committed to meeting our goal of having much greater public presence, which will include better communications through participation at trade shows, information seminars, symposiums, a newsletter, a revised consumer's guide, advertising, public speaking engagements.

To better meet the needs of our organic producer membership, Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks will be investing in an on-line search engine to be incorporated as part of our website, which will provide instantaneous access to information. We believe this service will increase both co-operation and market relationships between organic producers, food professionals and consumers.

how to invest in Microsoft shares in Kenya Since Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks was founded in 1989 (as Knives & Forks, which forged kitchen knives with pitch forks), the organic movement and the awareness of organic agriculture have grown dramatically. In part, that increase is the result of thousands of hours of work by Organic Advocates members and volunteers during the past decade.

Whether the promotion of organics has been done one person at a time (answering a question on the telephone), hundreds at a time (participating in a conference) or thousands at a time (discussing organic agriculture in a television or newspaper interview), the organic movement has moved forward.

Of course, Feast of Fields, our signature fundraising event, has been instrumental in bringing organics onto the front burner. The money raised through this annual event have gone toward, among many other projects:

  • publishing The Organic Gourmet, our 192-page cookbook to celebrate Feast of Fields' 10th anniversary and organic agriculture, which has been distributed across Canada and the United States
  • publishing two editions of The Consumer's Guide to Eating Organics, a directory of Ontario organic farmers, what they produced and where to buy their organic products, stores that sold organics and restaurants who served organics
  • establishing Toronto's first organic farmers' market in 1989, which became not just a place to shop but an organic information meeting place as well
  • organizing symposiums to develop a dialogue between farmers, chefs and consumers and to provide them a chance to discuss all aspects of organic agriculture, enjoy an organic meal together and listen to inspirational and informative guest speakers
  • organizing the Organic Produce Purchase Program, which strengthens the business relationships between local organic farmers and chefs
  • presenting organic lunches and cooking demonstrations at the farmers' market, to share the cornucopia of organic products and illustrate the quality and flavour that fresh, seasonal organic food offers
  • funding a cable television program on organic agriculture called "Field of Greens"
  • producing (still in the works) an educational video for high school students on the benefits of organic agriculture
  • donations to many other organizations including the annual Guelph Organic Conference, Seeds of Diversity, Organic Crop Improvement Association, Canadian Organic Growers, Citizens for Renewable Energy and Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario

invest in Netflix shares in Kenya Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks is a non-profit coalition of organic producers, environmentally concerned chefs and other food professionals and enlightened consumers who are committed to raising the understanding and support for organic agriculture and environmental responsibility.

Our mandate is to promote awareness of the environmental and human benefits of organic agriculture; to increase both co-operation and market relationships between organic producers, interested food professionals and consumers; to establish links with other environmental organizations with the intention of furthering public awareness of the importance of organic agriculture; and to support organic projects and events.

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