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Organic Advocates' 3rd edition of the Consumer's Guide to Eating Organics


Eventually, we hope to have a searchable database containing all of the farms and stores in the Consumer's Guide to Eating Organics, with regular updates. This on-line database will not only provide valuable sourcing information for consumers and chefs, but farmers will also be able to use it to find potential markets for their organic food.

If you'd like to list your farm or store in the consumer's guide (this is free), please fill out the form below and we'll incorporate your information into the database. This database is only for certified-organic farms and products.


farm name

farm contact name

certified organic

name of certification body

organic food product(s)

where to buy it (them)

months available

looking for distributors

looking for retailers

looking for products (such as feed, please specify)

farm address

city/town postal code

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store name

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We carry the following organic products:

dairy products and eggs
bulk foods (grains, pastas, dried fruits and nuts, peanut butter, etc.)
packaged foods (as above but packaged -- canned legumes, packaged pastas, etc.)
processed foods (oils, cereals, sauces, condiments, baby food, snacks, etc.)
frozen foods (ice cream, prepared meals, meats, produce, juices)
beverages (coffee, teas, juices)
baked goods

store address

city/town postal code

phone number

fax number




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