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Organic Advocates' 3rd edition of the Consumer's Guide to Eating Organics

While some organic industry experts say there's been about a 30 percent growth in organic sales each year, many consumers are still having trouble finding organics in their neighbourhoods. In fact, one of the most often asked questions we hear is “Where can I buy organic food?”

To address that question, in 1996 Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks published the first edition of the Consumer’s Guide to Eating Organics, a directory that gave a comprehensive listing of Ontario certified-organic farmers who produced organic food and where to buy it; stores that sold organic food; and restaurants that served it. Due to popular demand, we updated and reprinted a second edition, which was eagerly snapped up by interested consumers.

With our third edition, we’ve included more than 300 stores across Ontario, about 100 certified-organic farmers, a dozen organic-food delivery services in Metropolitan Toronto and updated information about organic agriculture and genetically modified foods. (To order, see below.)

Eventually, we hope to have a searchable database containing all of these farms and stores, with regular updates. (If you're a farmer or run a store selling organic products, click here to sign up for the database.) This on-line database will not only provide valuable sourcing information for consumers and chefs, but farmers will also be able to use it to find potential markets for their organic food.

Until the database is developed, we are offering the farm and store listings as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

By using the "Find" command (under the "Edit" menu or the binoculars icon) in Adobe Reader, you can search for stores in your neighbourhood by typing in the first 3 characters of your postal code, or the name of a main street in your community or your town name. As well, you can search for any farm that grows organic strawberries, stores that carry organic meat, farms that are only certified by Demeter, the name of a store that you've heard offers a wide selection of organic products, etc.

Please note, however, that the information in the store and farm directories are listed differently (see "How to read these listings" for each section) and therefore your search words may need to change. The farm directory details specific products that the farmer offers (for example, mesclun mix, potatoes, raspberries, basil, lamb, eggs, yogourt) whereas the store directory provides general categories (including produce, meat, dairy products, processed foods, bulk foods, beverages, baked goods).

(*To read these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader -- available free from Adobe's website.)


Organic Advocates is offering the Consumer's Guide to Eating Organics at the special price of $5 (plus $2.50 for shipping and handling).

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