By joining Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks, you are supporting organic agriculture and the promotion and understanding of growing, cooking and eating organics. You will also support a healthy environment and show respect for the earth.

Organic Advocates gives chefs, farmers and the public the perfect opportunity to deal directly with each other instead of dealing with a distributor. Our membership includes some of Canada’s finest chefs, premier organic producers and dedicated consumers — people who want to make a difference in the way we eat and grow food.

Members receive our newsletter, discounts to some events and merchandise, and all restaurant/chef members will be included in our real and virtual consumer's guide — an opportunity that will not be available to non-members in the restaurant industry. However, more than these tangible benefits, members are helping Organic Advocates further its mandate and deliver some valuable vehicles for promoting organics.

Join Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks and support sustainable organic farming, a healthier diet and environment and a healthy future for generations to come.


To become a member of Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks, fill out the form below and send a cheque in the amount of $25 Canadian with your name and address (or a print-out of this form) to Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks, 1 Cadorna Ave., Toronto, Ont., M4J 3W7.

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